A barbed wire fence is mostly utilized for agricultural purposes. It, however, has other important uses. Manufacturing of barbed wire is done by twisting several hard wires and forming points at several positions. The points are usually very sharp can be used as security control at entry points to restricted areas. Barbed wire is a less expensive option as compared to large stone or wooden fencing systems. Below are some uses of barbed wire fences :

· Containment

Barbed wire fences can be employed to contain both non-human and human elements. A good example is the prisons where barbed wire is installed round the prison walls. This prevents prisoners from escaping as the sharp points would cause harm to their bodies. Another example is in farms where animals get restrained saving farmers the cost of lost animals. Running electricity through some barbed wire fences adds to their effectiveness.

· Protection.

Barbed wire fences can be installed at particular places to prevent entry or access to such areas. For example, the fences can be used to bar animals from gaining entry into a vegetable farm at night. Barbed wire fences can be an effective way for farmers to protect their valuable farm produce from roaming and destructive animals.

· Division.

They can be utilized to sub divide extensive lands into smaller portions and separate them. Although not commonly used, some specific barbed wires are used to separate towns or states. Barbed wire fences also provide security to the portioned lands as the boundaries remain permanent and untouched. Individuals attempting to change the set boundaries of separation would only get pricked by the sharp points.

· Deterrents

The fences can be utilized as deterrents where the user has nothing specific to protect. In this case, barbed wire fences are used to deter trespassers. For example, the fences are run along railways to prevent the public from reaching the rail tracks. This provides extra security from potential theft or destruction by trespassers. A barbed wire fence is cost-effective since barbed wires are readily available at an affordable price in the market.

· The Army

Use of barbed wire is common in army training grounds. They are capable of simulating different combat situations. Additionally, they are be used to boost morale and increase trust during team building exercises. They also test the quality of military clothes and equipment in terms of rigidity and strength by enduring the sharp points while training.