In the world today it is ever more important to secure your property and make sure you do everything that you can to prevent burglars. These are top tips on how to secure your property. 

Home Security Lighting 

Make sure that areas which are most likely to be vulnerable and present an opportunity are well lit during the day and night. A well-lit area presents much less of an opportunity for any would-be burglar than a dark unlit space. Installation of home security lights is a simple process, and they can be picked up from any good Do It Yourself (DIY) store. 

Secure all Doors and Windows 

When you develop your home security plan ensure that all of the windows and doors in your home have good quality locks and bolts. The windows to a house are very vulnerable and if unsecured can present an easy way for a thief to enter the property. The doors should always have a good deadlock and should also be solid in build. 

Home Alarm Systems 

Make sure to have a good quality alarm system installed on the property; make sure that the alarms are wired up to all the major entry points within the house. 

Home Security Cameras 

Install security cameras where necessary, these are particularly effective in outside areas on the perimeter of the property to prevent any vandalism and entry into your home. 

Motion Detection Cameras 

Add a good motion detection camera system to give extra security backup, the systems are clever and can detect movement from humans and distinguish between when they should record movement and not. 

Video Surveillance Monitors 

Fit entry video surveillance monitors to either the gate or the front door, this allows you to view and talk to anybody who is trying to enter the premises. If they are unauthorized, then you do not even need to open the front door to them. 


Have a good fireproof safe to store any of your valuables or expensive possessions and paperwork. If an intruder gets into the property and they are looking for a quick job, then it is unlikely they will try to get anything from the safe. 

Internal Security Lights 

Install internal lights that are on an automatic switch; this will give the effect that the property is occupied when you are away on either business or vacation. These are all very easy to install and will work as an excellent deterrent to any would-be burglar.