The fence that you have on your home is the first thing that people see when coming over, whether you are looking to sell your house or just receiving guests over. In addition to this, many neighborhoods require people living there to upkeep their homes given that just one home in bad condition makes the entire neighborhood look bad. So, when is it time to repair your wooden fence?

This is one of the first things that you will notice, especially in a climate that exposes the wood to excessive sunlight over the majority of the time. This discoloration in the paint is normally the first indication that the fence needs attention and work. You can tackle this problem by removing the paint (with chemical agents or by sanding) and repainting it back again.

Lastly, another indication that gives you a hint to repair your wooden fence is warping. Typically humid climates make wood warp, or “twist”, and in this case you should opt directly for replacing those warped woods in your fence.

Another element that may indicate when it is time to repair your wooden fence is splintering. Dry weather and lack of maintenance can cause wood to splinter throughout the entire fence in different portions of it. A solution could be to sand the fence and remove the splinters, and, of course, repaint the fence to protect it from the weather.

The above mentioned are only three of the most common indications that will give you a hint that your wooden fence needs repair and attention. They are all related to weather conditions, such as sunlight exposure, and dry or humid climates. Always bear in mind that, as stated initially, your home’s fence is the very first thing that people will see, therefore it is a good idea to keep it maintained and well-kept.